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Best Movie & Film Websites
Links to some of the best movie sites, awards,
film festivals, animation & movie resources.

Internet Movie Database
huge movie database, photo galleries & movie news.
Guardian Unlimited Film
film news, awards updates, new releases, reviews & cyber cinema.
movie mega-site.
fresh updates about movies, comics, DVD, television, music & audio.
Dark Horizons
good Australian movie site.
Atom Films
exclusive collection of over 1,000 film, animation & digital media titles.
reviews, clips, news & box office statistics, user friendly shopping facilities.
movie news, trailers, reviews, promos & celebrity info.
online site of Premiere magazine.
Greatest Films
specializing in US film, greatest movie lists.
over a 1000 movie reviews, features, magazine & forum.
Rotten Tomatoes
over 350,000 movie review links & 100,000 movie titles.
DVD Review
inside info about movies on DVD.
Another Guide to the Best Movies
from the Edmonton Public Library.
Film Tracks
modern movie soundtrack reviews.
Dreamworks SKG
outstanding movies setting the standard for cinematic excellence.
Lucas Film
dazzling special effects from the group behind Star Wars, Indiana Jones & more.
Pixar Studios
currently the world's best animation studio producing Toy Story, A Bugs Life, Finding Nemo & more.
Warner Bros
movies, music, games & the entertaindom.
latest releases, movie reviews, links to official movie sites, DVD's, clips, soundtracks & more.
Universal Studios
movies, music, games, themeparks & shop.
entertaining the planet for generations.

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